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tv   [untitled]    December 15, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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why from moscow you're watching r t with me kevin now in tonight's top stories the russian foreign minister defends the people's right to protest legally in pledges video surveillance to ensure a fair presidential poll putin is grilled by the people and. human rights groups sound the alarm as the us is close to authorizing indefinite detention without trial or charges for terror suspects the controversial bill not only leads the senate's approval to go ahead. a moscow says only the eurozone can solve its own problems but it will help deal with the blocs debt crisis russia and
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the e.u. also pledged close and economic cooperation is present regretted let's talk technocrats impressive. it's a thirty one pm moscow time amid this year's turbulence in the arab world has remained relatively quiet but recent decades have still been tough from the sarin country and its neighbors roaches are a big concern right now is the area in foreign minister explains to r.t. next. minister the arab countries have been swept by what has been called the arab spring what is european or russia's position in relation to dance in syria in the arab world as a whole. our opinion is based on mutual trust between our two countries on common vision concerning events in the world and on mutual respect for the principles of each of the sides first of all i'm talking about the principles of
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non interference in the internal affairs of third countries the principle of long term cooperation and the right of states to change the order within their own territories but not within the territory of other countries i believe russia's stance is serious and well thought out it's identical to the stance taken by algeria we're proud to share similar views but especially in relation to the arab spring. some experts say that old jiri didn't welcome the arab revolutions that it's taking episode which is closer to that of other arab regimes. algeria didn't welcome those revolutions but it went beyond the borders of the countries where they began we didn't export the algerian revolution and we don't seek to spread the principles of the algerian revolution where over to other nations it's an issue that depends on the will of the people and we respect that if the people aspire to change their own government or change their own countries order we'll take that desire seriously this is our stance for example towards
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tunisia and then god willing to watch libya. both russia and algeria are concerned over the armaments that have gone missing in libya it's feared they could end up in the hands of terrorist groups is there any kind of car peroration in which we rush in algeria on this. this is a very serious issue which of course has been a concern for algeria but primarily this must be a concern. for libya and for the new libyan government very aware of the threat and that applied much effort to avoid them however this is not only a libyan issue anymore it's spread beyond libya and now threatens the whole region countries that have access to the sea should be on high alert their security and stability can be ensured through negotiations and regular contact between algeria and libya and between algeria and other parties russia as the other party is interested in the issues resolution and has the opportunity and the tools to
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address the challenges in this region actually this is something we really need we're trying to take control of channels for weapons trafficking and a currently developing new means of doing this. you know that could ask his regime has been toppled what will relations be like between algeria and libya. today our bilateral relations of almost being normalized will cooperate with the libyan people in all areas especially where we've had a positive experience for example in national reconciliation we're proud of the efforts taken by our libyan brothers to reach national reconciliation and we're proud that they regard it as a priority issue. earlier you said that the people have a right to change the order in their country to change the existing regime and you are well aware that these changes have been brought about by islamist movements in america in even in a libya where this moment is around them if you. think of the rise in
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strengthening of islam is movements in north africa that. islam is parties and movements were in opposition to the regimes that existed in neighboring countries and have now been toppled as the fall of the regimes allowed these parties and movements to enter the political arena it's a new phenomenon and we welcome it because it reflects a strengthening of democracy it shows that all political forces who aspire to build a new future are prepared to take up that responsibility however when taking these new steps the parties in movements new. to stick to the rules of the game and show respect for them if they abide by the rules then they are as eligible as anybody else ultimately the people cast their votes for those who believe they will make them happy. in a recent events or result in iraq mon between morocco and algeria in the light of all cheery a welcoming these alarmists victory in the recent elections and. algeria did congratulate the new government on its victory the government is indeed islamic
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but congratulations were sent to the new government our relations with the rocker of the cornerstone for our geo political strategy there was a period when our relations suffered a slight decline but about a year ago we signed an agreement on the development of our bilateral relations i'm sure this will prove fruitful not only in terms of politics but in other areas that are important for the people to. a new stage following the so-called arab spring which ultimately helped us extend our cooperation with arab nations does this mean the moroccan algerian border will be opened in the near future. all the issues in our fraternal relations with the people of morocco have been resolved after a certain period of time and under appropriate conditions we will implement this decision in accordance with the wishes of those nations that have been living side by side and as a cheery is a part of a ministerial taskforce on libya working on resolving the syrian crisis the immediate use seeing the arab initiative to resolve the syrian crisis it must be
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given the maximum chance do you think the arab league was too weak to act at times not giving damascus a chance to meet the demands of other arab countries. and as a member of this task force i can tell you that all of its members and all member states of the arab league are eager to see syria cooperate this doesn't mean there needs to be outside interference because syria is an arab country a member of the arab. so we don't see that the league acted as an outside force towards syria and that opinion is shared by all the arab nations but there are concerns as well we see human rights violations in syria and it's the authorities that bear full responsibility for those violations such negligence is unacceptable this is not the position of just one state and we all agree here that we cannot accept what's happening in syria and. in that last week you matt with the comedian foreign affairs of the french national assembly you spoke about political and
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economic reforms in algeria but many old syrians say that this is an internal matter and there was no reason to report to france what do you say to that. france is a major partner there are many algerians living in france we protect their rights and keep in touch with them through official government channels in france three days before the trip we met with the members of our high council estate where we discussed all of these issues so our priority was algeria and only after that we went abroad and our first stop was paris and then we went to moscow now. we all know that there was a period of stagnation in relations between old here in france and we see that now here in paris are coming closer together due to recent events in a mutual interest. yes we can say that but at the same time we hope that france recognizes the past that have been positive changes in the positions of some
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french officials in algeria and abroad in recent years but algerians are waiting for some concessions on the part of france algerians are very patient people have their spring member in the past while addressing the foreign affairs committee of the french parliament you said something that heard politicians in the media as you said there. is the most westernized country if you see three developed in a different way we would be a fool who are members. the european union because when the treaty of rome was signed to were french colonies. considered that this statement meant a recognition i will cheer independence and france of the many criticized it and said how can the old hearing foreign ministers see such things now you have a chance to have your say. about the fact that algerians can voice their opinion testifies to the freedom of speech in our country and that's wonderful but
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on the other hand the algerian minister has the right to speak on behalf of all our jarius no matter where they are saying that and remembering the past is very important we must remember that at the same time we should always proceed at the point of algerian interests giving it as broad an interpretation as possible in the speaking the french language already means remembering the past but we speak french in the algerian interest it's also the case when we discuss other issues for instance in our relations with the european union that's definitely the case both algeria and france should be doing everything possible to clear the environment for our relations we were a french colony for more than one hundred thirty years we've lived under a very cruel regime and the algerian revolution began as a general political social and ideological uprising and up to now this revolution remains a foundation and a source of respect for algerians that belong to our generation and generations that followed if the algerian experience is useful for some arab african and other
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countries then we'll very happy about it. and here's the last issue i would like to discuss with you today. now member of the arab margaret union many old syrians as well as other arabs and wonder what is the role of the arab margaret union in the events in libya tunisia and in the neighboring arab and mediterranean countries . and that's the hope of all the people of the magreb both the people and. under governments however the changes we've seen around satisfactory one of the causes of that partially it may be down to poor condition between political and economic activities for example algeria had a centralised economy for twenty years the state monopolized economy and industrial production while a neighboring morocco was open and liberal maybe that's why everything was well coordinated in harmonious there the same concerns our relations with china as for the political regime we know that they were different at that time but we have seen
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changes including recent ones the arab spring their regime started coming closer together united by the idea of a republican government we hope that that repression or in economic systems will stimulate development and constant forward movement that's what we've all been dreaming about the dream has become a necessity and we can't live without it it's a treasure based on our ideological linguistic and economic similarities we can't ignore those enormous assets which are not being used properly even for the sake of cooperation with other countries specifically the e.u. . the press. and. the price of health. we need to test these times is the allergenicity immune response lower nutrition or
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environmental contamination don't you feel like a lab rat some consider the experiment inhuman treatment very significant differences between the g.m. . at the g.m. plant that they weren't treated so well themselves one question means one career you ask one question you get the answer and you might or might not be able to publish it but that's the end of your. there we are.
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if. mission. critical three. for children. three. three stooges. old freeboard good morning video for your media project a free media dog r t dot com. he.
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had lost all the russian prime minister defenders of people's right to protest. video surveillance to ensure a presidential poll of. the people of all public human and. civil rights groups the us is close to surprising indefinite detention without trial or charges for terror suspects the controversial bill now only needs the senate some approval to go ahead and go says only the eurozone console the problem but it will help deal with the botched debt crisis russia and the e.u. also pledged to energy and economic cooperation as president.
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this is a. thought. welcome to the fourth to the top stories. pyrrhic victory breaks his leg is barcelona beat qatar aside our sign for nail to reach the club world cup final. while in their own hands the russian side will be getting caught salonica needing just a points to qualify for the last thirty two a few good police. now is off track around a light wind group bell with a five three victory in the second place looking to moscow could now face manchester united or city. so we kick off with football and bosler in spain striker that india is set for a long absence after breaking his leg in passes for no victory over qatari side outside in the semifinals of the club world cup in japan adriano have put the
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european champions won the lob after twenty five minutes after confusion between the goalkeeper and his defender. then five minutes before time thirty robbie up here to land or thirty five of the structure is later fractured his left tibia joint boss or from balance here for almost fifty three million dollars last year displaying all time leading scorer of his fifty goals in eighty one games is now adapt to euro twenty twelve spain trying to defend their title well basso went on to complete the probate. this is a devil. exists. so do k. so maybe three not just on the way out. maxwell said of the cats one side will face brazilian side santos in sunday's final is that he thinks their second title some street their top son. well that is when
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a santos went through to the showpiece event following its three one win the local . campaigns question whether so nineteen year old striker neymar opened after nineteen minutes things and nifty footwork and i think one will however bored just a relative veteran thirty one almost eclipse the teenager is ethical a beauty so just five minutes later he rocky cycle gave the partisan home crowd a reason to celebrate soon after the interval to watch. but his header was not enough as the nearest us over this weekend all time next year sealed the winter sandals with yet another cracker the midfielder calling it a quasi free kick starter the. damage of years that is going to session doesn't amount to result and we'll need to do an even better job in the final bus alone another one team who are really good at possession i don't think any other team can beat them in this aspect but what's important is that we made our chances count today. for an england chelsea manager under be asked by us has dispelled rumors
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that under pressure striker finance torres might be for sale the portuguese coach said the twenty seven year old is not available at any price during the january transfer window torres sets the blues back a reported seventy five million dollars last year has failed to impress since however fellow striker didier drogba looks more likely to leave a thirty three year old ivorian has been linked with russian big spenders angy in chinese side shanghai shin was already read at the chance of chelsea's nicolas anelka. well meanwhile rubinek is an are looking to book a place in the knockout stages of the europa league as they face a tough trip to group a leaders pack salonica this thursday night where three outcomes of possible for the toys for the russian champions well this will be that as an aside the first game in over two weeks as their domestic season is now into their three month winter break however we've been have been preparing for the clash at a warm weather training camp where alec come to spain to coach goodwin but there has
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been hit by a double injury blow the first in regular says and i've asked that it's own body then so opponents currently top the group a point clear of a being who could finish this group win this with a victory would go through in second place with a draw but could also go out if they lose tottenham trash shamrock rovers dublin know how you're not cider in the same position as p.s.g. and lots here were on wednesday spurs must hope that unbeaten leaders can be ruby in the north london side themselves must not only be rovers but hope there is a five goal swing in their favor as their goal difference is plus one while rubin's is plus six on the head to head basis those tottenham andra being pulled off one victory is. going through by captain and star striker antonio tolley's in doubt for second place in a.z. as they prepared to his third place celtic the italian side need only a draw to reach the round of thirty two but celtic must win as they trail in a.z. by three points the first match between the two ended one one so
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a victory for the visitors would see them through the better head to head record as a goal madrid lead to the group by two points and host red. water wednesday lokomotiv moscow missed the chance to finish top of group bell after losing a five three thriller the group winners on the act the second place finish means the railway men could now play the likes of manchester united or much to city in the knockout stage when the visitors who opened to brussels after twenty one minutes had to see you read his love and not the sasha cast levels twelve minutes later however the following half an hour proved a nightmare to lock hope as and like scored three times to take a four one lead gets twenty minutes to go the made this ritual penalty made for two of our dear m.g.a. quickly restored the home size of a three goal advantage to chop and grab to second in the last minute with five three attended and let the top of the group the perfect record for la cope could now face such heavyweights as united or city or any of the other teams for that
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slipped out of the champions league. for me while the headline exit of the night was mega rich perry sandra his failure to reach the round of thirty two puts further pressure on under coach and one called while away the french side managed to beat group x. winners athletic bilbao four two in paris however second place salzburg also won and due to the austrian club's a better head to head record with p.s.g. it's salzburg who goes for it. while it was also a big shock in group k. as twenty ten finalists fall and crashed out martino's menu victory at home to rock bottom of dens they would put them through the home side relating to the latter half an hour however the danish side pulled one back on sixty four minutes then dramatically equalized in stoppage time to ensure these were crack off qualify for the knockout stage after the polish side that's expensive palazzi who had started the night in the same position as p.s.g. needing to win and hoping results when their way and the italian side fulfil their
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task between even a sporting tino in rome thanks to goals from the board cars like giuseppe scully and their place in the knockout stage was sealed when surprisingly lost to nail this season rick. tennis now and though the season may be over rafael know dolly's already aiming to regain his world number one spot from novak djokovic fresh from leading spain to a fifth davis cup title while number two took time out to visit a children's charity which he founded this year has been tough for the ten time grand slam champion after a series of injuries and the dominant form of joke of it down the twenty five year old says he needs to keep raising his game in order to compete with the world's best. my wall is always the same be better player in two thousand than two thousand and eleven. they way they enough i show you have to put yourself some balls. in a short time ago but in the long ball these all of them get improving might then is
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and i do keep having chances to the compete for the big died those to compete for the first positions of the ranking that's them. basketball now in tesco moscow have sales top spot in group b. after uninstalling ninety one seventy five when have a defending champions promise and i close in the year only the greens have won in the last two visits to the russian capital however they were up against a test downside they were unbeaten in the group so far going into the half time break it was kind of an eye course who held a slender forty nine forty seven lives back home side turned on the style in the second half led by simple there to stage the loss of courted to mix the said that they are among men sealed a night when there was. and finally a new russian ice hockey coach is in a two lobby here at the office hoping to build on his unbeaten start as the moscow leg of the euro hockey tour the channel one cup gets underway because i think the
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south africa board's russia confidently won the first stop of the euro hockey tour willing you had cocksure behind the bench. at the courier cup and feel on the red machine preserve their unbeaten record in all three majors of the four nation torment and top the overall standings of the tory ahead of the whole move and they'll get underway on thursday and this so far and been the head coach decided to keep faith with most of the players who'd helped cleaved their car or trophy. there are slight changes than in team however i'm satisfied with the way we played in finland and i want to see displays in home i want to add some fresh blood and rest some experienced players and one of those players who's taking a break is be happy surprisingly long term captain alex jimenez it is likely to be replaced by alexander a lot of who was the top scorer in helsinki while among the new faces on the road is an idea who has returned once again from the n.h.l. and now where is the jersey of moscow region side our client the twenty seven year
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old forward hasn't been called up since the world cup in two thousand and nine where russia to gold. i'm glad to be back it's a great responsibility to play for the nation and i'm still a little bit nervous about it i don't like that at the start of the season it was hard for jared to have to find his pace but now he understands the way we want to play and he's good both in defense and attack if he gets playing time he'll prove he's worthy of the national team there are six players who will be making their home debut on the u.s. hockey tour but with a feisty run dual of at the helm and the solid constantin but all in between the pipes russia can be confident at both ends of the rain and anything but victory will be considered a failure we've got a great atmosphere in the dressing room everyone's preparing hard for the event will play as solid in defense as we did in finland but we will try to score more goals than moscow stop on the euro hockey route has always been
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a significant event for the russian fans and the only problem is buying tickets for the matches as they are already sold out at the mega sports arena complain about how both our team. that's all the sport i think.
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